List of products by brand FinFloor

FINSA was a pioneer in the manufacture of particleboard and MDF on the Iberian Peninsula. It began its industrial activity in 1931, at a sawmill in Portanxil (Ames). A few years later, in 1937, Manuel García Cambón gave legal form to the project, which, in 1946, would be named FINANCIAL MADERERA S.A.


Ever since our inception, we have always been aware of the responsibility we take on by using wood as the base element to manufacture and develop our solutions. We learn from it and we incorporate many of its virtues into our organisation: its versatility and strength as well as its emotional closeness to people, and the comfort and warmth it brings to society. Our wide product range follows the same philosophy, and is currently present in the daily lives of human beings, forming part of the most cherished environments.


We have never lost sight of our origins and, as we grew, we have always kept in mind the sustainability of our business and our raw material. This attitude has earned FINSA the respect of major market players and of the communities where it develops its work.


We invite you to connect with FINSA, to get to know the products we offer and the sense of responsibility that is present throughout the entire process.