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Izohan Izolmat Roofix 1kg

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Product: Roofix waterproof roof filler

  • easy to use
  • max ticknes 2cm
  • to use on wet or dry area
  • weight: 1kg

Filling and refilling gaps, repairs of roofing membranes (cracks, irregularities, blisters, leakages); supplementary material for vertical damp proofing of foundations with IZOHAN IZOBUD system (e.g. for sealing any installation passes); flashing sealing and fixing; repairs of mechanically damaged substrates previously coated with damp proofing masses IZOHAN IZOBUD B or IZOHAN IZOBUD SBS-B.
Owing to special chemical additives can be applied onto damp and wet sub-strates; addition of reinforcing fibres enables to reduce significant substrate moves; can be applied even during rain; can be used in contact with polystyrene; easy and quickin use (ready-to-use).
insulating asphalts, dearomatised solvents, improvers
New product