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We are a team of highy motivated people with great passion for what we do - we're not only selling the materials but we can also give the advice about materials and techniques required. We are the best equipped and the fastest developing polish builder wholesale distributor in the UK. We are partnered with companies such as: Cekol, Ceresit, Porta, KAEM, FOKS, MAX-STONE, Wkret-met, MetPol and Dekoral.

If you have any questions don't hasitate to ask - how many liters of paint will you need to paint your rooms, how many bags of advesive do you need to put the tiles in the bathroom, how many profiles you might ned to finish of the ceiling? Sounds familiar? We already have the answer - our staff is equipped with the knowledge about product we sell so we'll be more than happy to help ypu.

Regardless if you run a building company or you are just renovating your house, we will do our best to make sure you'll leave satisfied with your choices. 


  • Friendly Service
  • Understanding of Clients Needs
  • Comfort
  • Workshops
  • Trainings
  • Advice
  • 10 Hours a day
  • Workdays Monday to Saturday
  • Family Business