Ceramic Paint from Dekoral


Introducing new Ceramic Paints from Dekoral. There are 56 colours in the range with deep matt finish that stays matt even after washing.

Home&Style is a hydrophobic ceramic paint dedicated for walls and ceilings indoors, it creates matt and durable coat. Thanks to innovative hydrophobic particles, Home &Style paint is resistant to staining. It has the highest level of resistance to washing, it stays matt even after washing. Its especially recommended for: corridors, halls, offices, living rooms, dining rooms, children's rooms, classrooms, hotels. 


➡️ WASHABLE - Doesn't absorb even coffee or red wine, even tough stains such as carrot juice or tea won't stain if taken care straight away,

➡️ HYDROPHOBIC - All liquids will run down, not sink in,

➡️ ANTIALLERGIC - Free from the most common allergens,

➡️ EASY APPLICATION - No splashes while painting,

➡️ COLOUR PROTECTION - Formula prevents colour change and colour absorption.