FOX's Workshops 2019


We had a pleasure to be a host of a FOX Dekorator Workshops 2019

All tickets has been sold within first 48h! As you loved this idea so much, we are in contact with FOX to organise Workshops 2020. If you're interested please send an email to with your name and phone number so we can contact you with the time of next event.

Some of the samples created during workshops:


Structural paint Snow Dust - very sparkly, white base with very fine silver glitter. Applied by brush.

In stock soon - watch our facebook page.

Whats the difference between Workshops and previous Meetings with FOX's team?

The previous meetings were organised as a lecture with only one of participants trying one effect. This time every person had their own space, tools (supplied by FOX) and primed boards to do samples on. All boards were kept by the person who made them - perfect samples to show the client or to sample the paint before painting your own living room.

Each product must be applied in a specific way to achieve desired effect. The choice of right primer and tools is essential - therefore it is not recommended to change it during one project. Jacek form FOX's team shared his knowledge on this matter. For example, did you know that lime based products such as traventin or decorative concrete shouldn't be used in conjunction with acrylic products? One of side effect of such a combination could be flaking or colour change.

We also has a lot of questions about varnishes, how to use them and what's the best way to protect the walls. The blog post about varnishes is comming soon. Our latest favourite has to be a hydrophobic varnish that seals the surface - nothing can sink in so water, coffee or tea wont be an issue.

Traventin with Diamento GOLD and some Hydrophobic Varnish (comming soon) on top. Looks like a little gold mine.