New GTA finishing plaster


ATLAS GTA is a finishing plaster that is based on resin binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives.

Perfectly white, perfectly smooth – thoroughly selected snow-white mineral fillers of optimum aggregate size allow to form perfectly smooth surface without further corrections.

Optimum consistency for application and top coat shaping – specially adjusted rheological parameters allow effortless application with a trowel, a roller or a plastering unit. Convenient top coat shaping produces smooth surface since the first move of a trowel.

Quick application with a roller – an ideal consistency and prolonged open time enable convenient and quick application with a roller. Top finish can be distributed uniformly without splashing. 

Durable and elastic – elastic polymer bonds ensure high bonding and resistance to cracking of the coated surfaces.

For all types of gypsum filling: PSG1(Q1), PSG2(Q2), PSG3(Q3), PSG4(Q4). For filling joints of plasterboards with the use of reinforcing tapes or for filling of vast surfaces.

Safe application with the “wet on wet” method – reduced time of application and minimised risk of blistering.

“On wet” surface sanding – sanding wet surfaces produces perfectly smooth surface without dust, enables quick and clean progress of refurbishment works.

For manual and machine sanding – top coat hardness enables easy surface treatment, both mechanical and manual.

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