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GRUNTOMAL is used for the first coating of objects made of wood, wood materials and plaster previously zapokostowanych. Used also for painting of steel previously primed paint anti-oxidizing. - Reduces the consumption of enamel - equalizes substrate absorption - High performance - perfect coverage, - mild odor - excellent adhesion to the substrate - facilitates painting.
Method of application:
substrate preparation

With the substrate to paint, remove any dirt, bumps, degrease and dry.
Steel substrate primed with anti-corrosive UNIKOR C brand Dekoral.
Wooden flooring - linseed oil varnish brand Drewnochron or Drewnochron impregnate colorless.
Mineral plasters - linseed oil varnish brand Drewnochron.


Before using the product should be thoroughly mixed.
If necessary, dilute the alkyd products for general use in the amount of max. 2% Vol.
Paint with a brush, roller or spray. It is recommended layering: 1-2.
The application of the next layer is recommended at 6 h.

Additional information

Temperature during application and drying should be at least + 5 ° C. Low temperatures, overvalued humidity extend the drying time of the coating.
After painting tools should be cleaned with solvent for alkyd products for general use.
The product stored in tightly sealed containers, away from sources of fire and heat indoors.

Safety indications and PPO

Keep away from children.
Do not empty into drains.
If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately - show the packaging or label.
Use only in well-ventilated areas.
Store in tightly closed containers away from heat and fire.
During the painting and after the room before use to ventilate the characteristic odor disappears.
Follow the instructions on the packaging.
Details are provided in the Safety Data Sheet.

Technical data:
white colors
Smooth appearance of the coating
Number of layers 1-2
Applying a second coat after 6h
Application method brush, roller or spray
Performance in one layer up to 12 m2 / l

New product

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