Paint for Kitchen and Cupboards Renovation 0.7L

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V33 Colour
Grey Marengo
V33 Colour
  • White
  • Cotton
  • Cinnamon
  • Grey Marengo
  • Black
  • Plum
  • Chilli
  • Pistachio
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What is it for?

For kitchen furniture and tiles. Do not use on waxed and oiled surfaces, worktops, floor tiles, bathroom tiles. Only use inside. 


  • Great for renovation of kitchen furniture covered with pained or varnish, laminated and for wall tiles.
  • To be used directly on the surface without any primer or removing old layers.
  • Paint is resistant to stains, eg. warm and cold oils, sauces, wine, tomatoes, coffee, tea.
  • Also resistant to mild detergents: mild soap, universal mild cleaning solutions.
  • Resistant to frequent cleaning.
  • Consumption up to 12 sqm from 1l of paint
  • Satin finish
  • Drying time: at least 12h between layers
  • Clean tools with water



Surface prepartion

 The surface should be dirt and oil free. Clean the surface if necessary. All greasy or dusty patches will weaken the layer surface.
– varnished wood, painted wood, PVC: Wash with clean water and let dry, gently sand down with sandpaper 240 and remove all dust.
– laminated surfaces, wall tiles, glass, small metal parts (from aluminium, zinc, brass etc.) clean with water and let dry.


Mix the paint thoroughly before use, make sure you reach the bottom of container, use paint mixer. 

  1. Saturate the roller with paint, remove the excess.
  2. Apply paint with care, use cross movements. Make sure to apply the even layer of paint throughout.
  3.  The last roller movement always make in the same direction (e.g. ceiling to floor)

 The product will reach full durability after 2nd coat. Ready to use, do not add any water or thinners. Recomended ambient temperature for painting: 12°C-25°C.



Only for internal use.

Full durability is reached after 20 days from last layer's application. Before this point protect the surface from abrasion, stains and cleaning.

Don't apply patches of paint on the previous layers, especially if it's damp. Wait until the layer is dry and apply next layer evenly. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges for cleaning.

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