Atlas Uni Grunt KT17 1L primer

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Improves setting conditions for subfloors executed on the primed surface – contributes to reaching their expected parameters.
Strengthens the primed subfloor structurally – permeates its structure to the depth of a few millimeters, this way increasing its load capacity as the substrate prepared for further layers.
Prevents retention of excessive amount of water from the layer applied upon the subfloor – limits the absorption of the latter and prevents creation of air bubbles on the surface of the new subfloor.
The main characteristics
• for excessively absorptive substrates
• for weakened substrates
• under screeds and subfloors
• under adhesives
• high yield
The main parameters
• consumption: 0.05 – 0.2 kg/1 m²
• very short drying time – the finishing layers can be applied already after 4 hours
• may be diluted in 1:1 proportion
New product

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