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Akrylit W Color - Pastel Honey

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Short description:

Latex paint with increased resistance to abrasion is used for decorative painting of walls and ceilings indoors. Leaves a matt effect finish

Method of application:
substrate preparation

Remains of paint glue carefully remove and wash the surface with water.
The surface to be painted should be clean, dry and free from dust, without cracking.
Fresh plaster and substrate highly water absorbent (plaster, plasterboard, floor never painted) zagruntuj ground Aquagrunt brand Dekoral.
To align the absorbency of the substrate use paint primer Unicryl brand Dekoral.
Surfaces painted with emulsion paints degrease by washing with water and detergents.


Before using the paint mix thoroughly.
The recommended number of layers 1-2. If necessary, dilute with water in an amount of max. 5% by volume. Apply a second coat after the first one has dried.
After painting tools wash water.

Additional information

Paint at + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C.
Fresh paint the plaster after 3-4 weeks of their application.
Waterborne, resistant to frost. Store at. Above 0 ° C.

Safety indications and fire protection

During the painting and after the room ventilate the characteristic smell disappears.
Keep away from children.
If swallowed, immediately seek medical advice - show the packaging or label.
Follow the instructions on the packaging.
Details are provided in the Safety Data Sheet

Technical data:
Colors 77 colors ready
Finish mat
Number of layers 1-2
Applying a second coat after 2h
Application method brush, roller or spray
Performance in one layer up to 14 m2 / l

The most important features:

5 years color fastness
Long-lasting color walls
Super opacity
High performance
Resistant to abrasion

New product