Decorative stone Nevada 2 - LEAD TIME 2-3 weeks

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Nevada 2

Nevada, a stone facade with a specific character. Through their sharp edges and irregular shapes give the impression of harsh climate. In fact, it has a charmingly warm presence. The essence of the assembly is irregular shapes and sizes. Moreover, it is extremely resistant to all weather conditions, which make it stay unchanged for a long life. Offered in four colors, the brighter and darker depending on your needs.


The stone is available in one dimension: 50 cm x 13 cm

The contents of one package: 10 pieces

Number per carton: 0,65 m2

Package weight: 22 kg

Number of corners in the package: 1.17 mb

Board dimensions: 50 cm x 13 cm

Plate thickness: 0.7 ÷ 2.7 cm


The basic materials for the production of tiles:

- quartz sand,

- Lightweight aggregate - expanded clay,

- Binder - cement,

- Pigments,

- Additives concrete.

New product

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