FOX Hydrophobic Varnish 3l

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HYDROPHOBIC VARNISH - seals and protects the surface


Protects the paints and plaster underneath, satin finish.

Where to use: walls and ceilings indoors.

Especially recommended for rooms with high humidity:

- houses (kitchen, bathroom etc.),

- SPA, hotels, swimming pool areas,

- any other place that needs high water resistance


Protective function:

– creates a hydrophobic layer,

– protects from mould,

– protects from dirt and splashes, easy wipeable,

– water no longer sinks into the wall,

– deep penetrating

Decorative function:

- satin finish, transparent,

- colours appear slightly more saturated,

- looks great with decorative additives such as glitter or mika.


1l will cover on average the area of 15 sqm (one coat). Consumption depends on many factors, among them: structure of the substrate, it's absorptiveness, preparation of substrate, tools used, experience of a person applying the product.

New product

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