Profile CW50 3,0m stud

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This CW metal stud is an essential component when making the stud wall and is for vertical use when making a wall. The ‘C’ Shaped Metal stud is available in a wide range of lengths and thicknesses which is dependent on the requirement of the build for strength, height, impact resistance and sound insulation. Metal stud walls are quick to install whilst also offering an exceptional level of fire resistance. The CW Metal Stud is also available in 100 mm and 75 mm thickness. Stud walls themselves are made from a durable material so you will benefit from lower insurance premiums as there is less risk of infection, fire and decay with metal stud partitions.

  • Main support upright
  • Various Lengths
  • 3,0 m high
  • 50mm thicknes
  • Fits into track
  • Cheaper than timber
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