WIM Board 600x1200mm 12mm

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- multi-use extruded polystyrene board
- light load-bearing element
- levels surfaces beneath ceramic tiles
- element of drywall system
- on walls and floors, indoors and outdoors

Leveling surfaces beneath ceramic tiles, mosaics, structural renders and paint
coats – alternative for plasterboards, leveling mortars, traditional gypsum, cement
and cement-lime plasters.
Construction of partition walls.
Installation of casing around sanitary equipment – baths, shower trays, recessed
installations, plumbing, pipes, etc.
Construction of ready-to-use elements in bathrooms and spa – benches, seats,
massage benches, couches, etc. Possibility of installation of electrical heating
system, which significantly improves comfort of use.
Installation of non-structural elements, including arc-shaped ones – straight
and curved ones.
For places exposed to intensive damp and water drops action – in bathrooms,
shower cubicles, steam rooms, etc.
On standard and deformable substrates – cement mortars, anhydrite and cement
screeds, cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters, concrete, walls made
of cellular concrete, ceramic or silicate bricks or hollow blocks (with obligatory
joints grouting), gypsum blocks, terrazzo, existing ceramic and stone cladding,
paint coatings bonded to substrates, wooden floors (thick. > 25 mm), OSB and
chipboards (thick. > 25 mm on floors and > 18 mm on walls), vertical steel and
wooden frame.
In residential, public access, healthcare, recreation and sport, commercial and
service, industrial, sacral buildings – in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, garages,
wash rooms, rooms washed with plenty of water, sauna, communication routes,
on terraces, balconies, façades.
With any type of cladding – glazed, terracotta, porcelain-gres, clinker, stone,
ceramic and glass mosaics, composite panels, marble and natural stone, sound
proofing boards.
Resistant to water action – board is made of low absorbable polystyrene with
hydrophobic cement-polymer coating.
Forms rigid construction of high resistance to mechanical load.
Forms substrate assuring perfect bonding to cement binders (adhesives,
Light, easy in transportation – core made of extruded polystyrene ensures low
weight, even of large size boards, therefore makes board transportation and fixing
easy with no reduction of strength.
Easy and quick in use – any casing shape available, from straight angles to
arc-shapes; boards can be cut with knives, hand saws, jigsaws and electric saws.

New product