Dekoral Akrylux 0,5l

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Short description:

Modern, fast drying, water borne acrylic enamel for general use. It is designed for decorative painting of objects of wood, wood, steel and cast iron primed with anticorrosion primers, exploited indoors and outdoors, as well as internal plaster (paneling) and radiators. On the interior surfaces previously painted enamel Acrylics get a very decorative effect of gold or silver dust using Dekoral Fashion Diamond Collection by Eva Minge.


- WHITE with satin finish

- CAFE LATE with semi-matt finish

- CREAM BEIGE with semi-matt finish

Method of application:
substrate preparation

With the substrate to paint, remove any dirt, bumps, degrease and dry.
Wooden substrates Timber and operated outside zagruntuj Drewnochron impregnate colorless. As a primed, we recommend to use GRUNTOMAL brand Dekoral. Indoors enamel can be applied directly to bare wood.
The substrate steel and cast iron operated outside zagruntuj protective primers brand Dekoral.
Plaster zagruntuj GRUNTOMALEM brand Dekoral.
The renovation of painting of old coatings zmatuj sandpaper and dedusting. Remove the shell peeled and cracked.


Before using the product should be thoroughly mixed.
If necessary, diluted with water max 2% vol.
The recommended number of layers - 2. Druą layer applied after minimum 4 hours.
The colors with custom opacity, indicated in a database machines colorants, use the indicated primer.
In order to obtain a decorative illumination painted elements, properly prepared surface enamel paint Acrylics on any chosen color and then apply Dekoral Fashion Diamond Collection (according to the instructions on the package).

Additional information

Paint substrate at a temperature of from 10 ° C to + 25 ° C.
Tools after the painting should be washed thoroughly under running water.
When painting a few days and remains subtle pleasant smell.
Waterborne, resistant to frost. Store at. Above 0 ° C.

Safety indications and fire protection

During the painting and after the room ventilate the characteristic smell disappears.
Keep away from children.
If swallowed, immediately seek medical advice - show the packaging or label.
Follow the instructions on the packaging.
Details are provided in the Safety Data Sheet

The most important features:

silky shine
fast drying

New product